About Kim

Kim Levin is a photographer who specializes in pet portraiture. Her company, Kim Levin Photography combines her passion for photography and her love of animals.

Kim has published 19 books including the best-selling Cattitude and Why We Love Dogs. Her other pet portrait books include Saying Goodbye, Dogplay, Frenemies, PhoDOGraphy, Pawfiles, Caternal Instincts, Catrimony, Hound for the Holidays, Growing Up, Why We Really Love Dogs, Why We Love Cats, Dogma, Dogs are Funny, Working Dogs: Tales from Animal Planet's K-9 to 5 World, and Erin Go Bark! Kim’s books have sold over a half million copies and have been published in eight languages.

Kim’s images have been licensed throughout the world on calendars, fine art prints, cocktail napkins, journals, and easel books. She has licenses with Calypso Cards, Image Conscious, PPD, Sharper Cards, Brownlow Gifts and Hi-Look Inc. Her greeting card and gift product line Molly&Fig™ appears in gift and stationary stores throughout the U.S.

Kim’s work has appeared in People Magazine, Reader’s Digest, The New York Daily News, New York Post, Photo District News, Italian Elle, Modern Dog, Bark Magazine, Chicago Tails and Jersey Tails, The American Kennel Club Gazette, NJ Monthly and New Jersey Life, as well as online sites msnbc.com, ivillage.com, and pamperedpet.com. Kim’s corporate clients include Pfizer Animal Health, Dean & Tyler, and Kuranda Beds. She has also had the honor of photographing Lassie and The NYPD K-9 Unit.

Kim recently took a trip to Alaska and has been exhibiting her imagery in a show titled, Alaska: Landscapes and Dogs from The Last Frontier.

A passionate advocate of animal adoption, Kim has been donating her photography services and supported The ASPCA, Petfinder, and local rescue organizations for many years. Kim lives in NJ with her husband, son, daughter and their adopted dog Reilly.