Molly&Fig™ is a line of greeting cards and gift products for the pet lover. Kim Levin takes the simple, sophisticated animal images and Megan Colleen McGlynn writes the funny words. Together, they give your furry friends a funny new voice.

Molly&Fig™ greeting cards and magnets are licensed by Calypso Cards and sell in gift and stationery stores throughout the U.S. Molly&Fig’s card titled “Incident” was nominated for a Louie award in 2014, the equivalent of the Oscars in the greeting card industry.

Molly&Fig™ dog and cat easelbooks are licensed by Brownlow Gifts. Two new dog and cat companion gift books will be released in May 2015.

To license the Molly&Fig™ brand, contact kim@kimlevin.com or call 732-345-1405